EUROpean – Sewer Asset Management network aims to share recent research results and to facilitate collaboration between European researchers. This network is organising a workshop each year in June:

  • Early 2023 in Lulea… more to come soon!
  • June 2021 the 16th and 17th June – online: 41 participants from too many countries…
  • June 2020: cancelled.
  • June 2019 in Delft: 31 participants from Australia, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK;
  • June 2018 in Innsbruck: 27 participants from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland;
  • June 2016 in Strasbourg: 23 participants from Austria, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands;
  • June 2015 in Amsterdam: 20 participants from France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland;
  • June 2014 in Berlin: 26 participants from Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland;
  • June 2013 in Lyon: 12 participants from France and Germany.

The EURO-SAM workshop is always free of charge and is open to any researcher (even if the number of participants is limited to 25). Participants will be invited to present their current research. Time will be dedicated to collaborative work in order to find out shared topics and define further collaborations between the interested participants (e.g. share of data and method; collaborative publications and projects, etc.). Suggested topics include:

  • Inspection techniques, CCTV and sewer condition assessment
  • Uncertainties in condition assessment
  • From sewer condition to serviceability
  • Deterioration modelling
  • Strategic planning and operational asset management
  • Cross between technical, financial and accounting approaches
  • Socio-economic approaches

You can also contact the organising committee:

Franz Tscheikner-Gratl (NTNU): Franz.Tscheikner-Gratl – at –
Nicolas Caradot (KWB, Berlin): nicolas.caradot – at –
Frédéric Cherqui (INSA, Lyon): fcherqui – at –
Nathalie Hernandez (STEIN): nathalie.hernandez – at –
Annelie Hedström (LTU Luleå)
Maria Viklander (LTU Luleå)